Natural Biofilm Inhibitor

Natural Biofilm Inhibitor

Bacterial biofilms are complex mixed communities of bacteria that can form on almost any surface. Reduced antibiotic susceptibility contributes to the persistence of biofilm infections in many healthcare settings. Disrupting biofilms may enhance the capabilities of existing antibiotic therapy to clear infections or help clean equipment.

In collaboration with the Technological University Dublin (TUD), we are conducting a project that investigates the anti-biofilm activity of specific compounds within the food category.

An in-depth investigation is ongoing to determine the anti-biofilm properties against various micro-organisms that are known to be problematic in the food and healthcare industries.

Moreover, additional studies are focused on both the prevention of biofilm formation as well as post-formation disruption. The outcomes from this project will have a direct impact on the specific market focus for this novel anti-biofilm technology.

Further product information is available on request.

Additional Information

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Areas facing significant biofilm concerns:

• Medical devices such as catheters and prosthetics
• Food & Beverage manufacturing plants
• Fruit & vegetable preservation

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