B-NUC™ (Beta Inosine)

B-NUC™ (Beta Inosine)

B-NUC™ (Beta Inosine) is an innovative functional food ingredient developed by Immcell. Inosine is a nucleoside that the body produces as a precursor to the important energy molecule ATP. B-NUC™ is a high purity beta polymorph of inosine that has the capability of modulating the immune system. B-NUC™ is suitable for all age groups but is particularly suited for the requirements of an ageing population.

Immcell has conducted extensive scientific studies on the efficacy of B-NUC™. Further product information is available on request.

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Beta Inosine image
Beta Inosine image

Benefits Associated with B-NUC™

• Supports the innate immune system
• Supports the adaptive immune system
• Helps to fight against infections
• Provides a cost-effective immune defence solution
• Supports active aging

Forms of Applications

• Capsules
• Gels
• Bars
• Protein Powders
• Yoghurts drinks
• Beverages
• Smoothies

Other Healthcare Applications Include:

• Cognition development
• Energy generation / fatigue reduction
• Nerve cell and brain health
• Heart health
• Neurodegenerative Disease

Product Application

Food and Beverages
Energy and Health Supplements
Medical Foods

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