Rapeseed Protein

Rapeseed Protein

The flexitarian lifestyle is increasingly becoming the preferred dietary option for many individuals. It is not a coincidence that plant-based food sales grew 5 times faster than overall retail food sales (11% v 2%) last year. More than half of consumers look for nutritional products with high protein content. Plant-based protein options constitute the ideal choice for the 30% of consumers who are seeking to reduce their meat consumption.

Rapeseed Protein (RSP) is produced from rapeseed meal that is a by-product of the cold press extraction of rapeseed oil.

Immcell’s RSP is produced through an environmentally sustainable extraction process that is designed to guarantee a high purity protein product with a complete essential amino acid profile. This amino acid profile together with its benefits makes RSP an ideal protein source that can compete with other plant protein sources.

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Benefits of Rapeseed Protein

• Supports the optimal management of daily protein requirements
• An ideal complement to vegetarian, vegan, and flexitarian lifestyles
• Non-GMO
• Irish-sourced rapeseed
• Dairy and lactose free

Areas of Application

• Beverages
• Nutritional Bars
• Nutritional Supplements
• Sports Nutrition
• Infant Nutrition
• Dairy Free Milk, Yoghurts & Ice-Creams Products
• Bakery Products

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